Justin Bieber "Turn To You" Official Lyrics

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Turn To You is the latest track from Justin Bieber and it’s already hit the Top 10 on iTunes within less than 24 hours of its debut. Right now we’re going to break down the lyrics for you right now. Of course, the chorus has the title words in it, it goes like this: “When you’re lost and you’re tired, when you’re broken in two, let my love take you higher cause I still turn to you, I still turn to you, I still turn to you.” The star dedicated this to his mom, in fact we’ve got all of the details for you after this story, so keep watching, but in the lyrics of this song, Justin explains his life with his admired mom QUOTE ‘you worked two jobs to keep roof above our heads, you chose life for me, no your never gave up, I admire you, the strength you’ve instilled in me.’ He goes on to talk about how his mom had him when he was his current age. The song goes on to reveal how there was a year that everything changed but then she found the Lord and there was just a lot of love to go around. If you want to check out all of the lyrics, start to finish, click the link below. And keep watching to check out what Justin had to say all about his Turn To You dedication to his mom — it’s coming up. I’m Dana Ward in Hollywood and we’ll see you soon on ClevverTV. Bye!

Hosted by: Dana Ward

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